Welcome to SPI your one stop shop for all your Aerostyling Products.Whether you'are a dealer looking  for quality products at a wholesale price or a customer looking to style your ride, We aim to meet your needs.We manufacture all our products inhouse and  can also ship it to any destination around the world right to your door step.We can also do full custom research and development for race car teams. Whether it is a full kit or merely a single product it is possible to turn a car from ordinary to one that has the resemblance and aerodynamics of a race car. so browse through our products and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Team SPI

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We at SPI pride ourselves on being able to manufacture and supply products to public, We can also setup and install all our aero products onto you race car. Talk to us today to see how we can totally transform and setup your  race weapon .
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We also offer custom manufacturing based on designs provided by customers. we can also design and develop products to suit race cars ensuring that a race cars is been setup to its full race potential.
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SPI have developed various products to suit the time attack/ circuit racing scene. Products include, front splitters, front undertray, time attack fronts, light weight doors , light weight trunks/hatch's our Gt wing. Let us know if you would like a quote in  making panels for your race car.
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